Who can join MIT After School Program?

MIT After School Centre invites young learners (1st-11th year / Std 1 -Form 5) to take part in an our well developed academic, artistic, physical and brain enrichment program. Each student is given an opportunity to participate in following programs while we try to let them have fun and enjoy during the after school hours.

Healthy food Club ( Students will be given healthy snack, fruit, milk and natural juices while we discuss about a healthy vs unhealthy lifestyle.

Joining this club is necessarily.

Homework Club

After a healthy refreshment, students should start Homework club. Supervisors are monitoring them while they are doing their homework. As student is among other students who are doing their homework as well, he is more motivated and passionate to devote his time doing school job.

Joining this club is necessary.

Reading Club

Each student should participate in this Club to read a story or novel during reading club time.

Each student should choose at least one club from each Department:

Academic Department:  Writing Club

, Grammar and Vocabulay Club, One to one tuition*

Art Department: one to one Piano lesson**, Drawing and Painting, Theater

Physical activities: Zumba, Ping Pong

Brain Challenge Department: Chess, Critical Thinking, coding and programing, sudoku

  • Each Student is being charged extra for one to one tuition .
  • Each student is being charged extra for private piano lesson.